Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mr. Moseley

Ironically, even this Mr. Moseley character could be "another Hitler"/antisemitic crazy person because he apparently didn't support immigration and perhaps has something of a spiritual/cultural backbone.  He seems to come from the totally looney tune Christian Zionist branch of conservatism but he's still done some things that aren't kosher.  At least I've helped him out by making him into a defense lawyer for Jewish behavior.  So even if it seems like he's totally crazy, I'm actually helping him and Delaware Politics be kosher. 

So back on topic... what will the Jewish Left and the Jew Right do?  Which political party will they and their lobbies support?  Apparently you will all have to wait until the Jewish Left supports the Jewish Right to see if you get any representation in your own government.  Here's a hint, on the big issues like wars and fiscal cliffs and banking.... you won't!  Lol.  Oh, goyim.  Oy vey! 

With respect to speculation about whether you'll be able to be servile to the Jewish Left or the Jewish Right I would argue that old habits die hard.  Most Jews usually tend to the Left or incite the Left among the goyim in the body politic...  so what are they going to do?  How fast could a shift to the Right take place if the perception is that liberals and cultural Marxists are not sufficiently servile enough or are not protecting Jewish interests, as Mr. Moseley hopes?  Sam Harris and Bill Moyer on his little show recently upset Ben Affleck and so on... how many goyim might get upset?    It would also be hard for them to break their habit of trending to the Left among the goyim and suddenly make nationalism among the goyim kosher.  That's the whole "another Hitler" thing.   I guess there is what neoconservatives and the Likud nuts have done, shift nationalism and the Right toward their own ethnic interests.  But how quickly can the Democrats and the cultural Marxist gaggle of LGBT/NAACP yet also Muslim/Sharia and also La Raza (Needs some Transgendered Bathroom Tribes for The Race, too!) all be thrown overboard without causing a ruckus among the dumb goyim?  Perhaps I have a solution, the Fat Tribe of Team Captain Chickenhawk America could be brought in.  There has to be a Fat Minority invented for freedumb fries neoconservatives.  That will tip the scale and allow Jewish power over all their different politically correct tribes to remain intact. But if they're not servile enough and turn into big fat antisemites, then good luck throwing them overboard as a minority too.   Heave, ho! 

At least the entertainment in a declining Empire is good... as it always is, until it is not.  I'm beginning to think that it will always be good for me.  It's a matter of perspective.    

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