Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ramble 2/12

So... ready to go get some reparations from the Federal Reserve, turn the tables on the money changers and give their "money" to African Americans as reparations? "Social Justice"? Is that what people really want?

What would Jesus do?

The perspective of a very checkered past is generated by people like Arnon Milchan cultivating goyim cultures with movies like 12 years a slave. Yet, he's a Mossad agent and a Jewish supremacist. Seriously. If you're trying to establish "parameters" by which America can be viewed as a Christian nation then you'll have to take into account that most freedumb fries eating Americans are literally seeing America as a nation through a Jewish lens. And many of them hate white people overtly. This can be observed. Slavery is just a pretext in America, they don't necessarily care about it. If they did, then they'd make a movie: 1,000 years of Jewish slave trading with shabbos goyim oligarchs. Etc.

I could write forever. My main point would be that I'm not sure how you're going to get the "parameters" right if you're viewing American culture through a Jewish lens with little regard for what Jesus actually said about their culture of deceit. I don't even know that much about the religious side of it. I'm just observing and studying Jewish behavior and it aligns with what Jesus said. Perhaps you should check the cultural parameters that produce your own perceptions of the world before seeking to judge entire nations as Christian?

Are you a Christian? Do you think that you're seeing the world from a Christian perspective? (I don't know. I'm asking... because I don't see where the teachings of Jesus, like logs and specks and so on... do not align with what can be observed of Jews here and now.)

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