Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ramble 2/11

The main problem is that fundamentalists are trying to fight cultural Marxism without understanding its rabbinic source (They're usually Judaizers.) just like Leftists do not understand the way that "Communism" was created as an ethnic weapon. All the fancy talk and words upon words were just a pretext for an ancient form of ethnic hatred.

A hypothetical might help you understand the cultivation of your cultures.. Couldn't the Amish be ethnically cleansed in the name of "Communism"/equality or now multiculturalism and so on, etc... by a different ethnic group that actually just hated the Amish. Immigration could be used and African pygmies could be brought in. Then when there's "Amish flight" and the recurrent forms of self-segregation typical to all goyim/tribes, JudeoChristians could bemoan Amish racism, the inequality between the mud huts of the pygmies and the barns of the Amish and so forth. (Cities and towns are a cultural/racial expression of the people that live in them. It is what it is.)

But at the root of "equality," that would amount to ethnically cleansing the Amish and the process would have begun based on ethnic hatred. A culture of "cultural Marxist" critique could be established for ANY group of people combined with a push for immigration and "equality"/Communism/globalism or whatever the pretext is for promoting the destruction of old or even ancient cultures in the name of multiculturalism. People could do that to others while maintaining their own culture and the business of ethnic networking typical to all groups of people.

As clueless as many modern Christians are, it's debatable whether or not you could actually be convinced to support an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Amish in the name of diversity, multiculturalism, gay rights and free rainbows all around. (It's supposed to be a hypothetical based on hyperbole. But the way you say nothing about anything "for fear of the Jews" these days, who knows!)

Are the forms of cultural and ethnic dissolution marketed in the name of "equality" that trace back to Marx's rabbi, Moses Hess, really that deceptive? You're all falling all over yourselves to take responsibility for things that your supposed genetic or cultural heritage may not have had much to do with. Who owned the slave ships? What places of business based on international ethnic networking were shut down on their holidays? Do you really want social and tribal justice? (For the record, I think that reparations should have been paid to African Americans by the "United States" for slavery.

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