Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mr. Moseley again...

I leave Mr. Moseley to plan on miracles and spiritual awakenings.  As for me, I'd plan on gravity or recognize the growing gravity of your situation.  You can't jump off a cultural cliff and expect an angel to appear.) 

With respect to Jewish psychologists and antisemitism....  Bruce Jenner, former Olympian, wants to cut his penis off and pretend to be a woman in order to get a reality show produced?  Sane.  But the goyim of the world rejecting Jewish degradation and defamation of their traditional cultures and nations for hundreds of years or turning nationalist, as usual?  

Stop the insanity!  What madness is this?!!  (?????)  Etc.   There must be a link between insanity and antisemitism.  It's either that or many Jewish psychologists tend to call the goyim insane for continually rejecting Jewish behavior, all around the world.

  I hate it when a grown man sucks the blood off a circumcised baby and gives them herpes.  Antisemitic!  Insanity!    What about the babies with herpes, Mr. Moseley?  Can you defend that too?  

(Why Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Babies Keep Getting Herpes ...)
(Two Jewish Mohels Banned After Babies Contract Herpes ...)
(Babies' herpes linked to circumcision practice - CNN)  

Never mind. 

I'm guilty of focusing on entertainment sometimes.  And it's entertaining to see you do what you do here when trying to defend the indefensible.

On the topic, I guess you conservatives and progressives that don't even have much representation in the government will have to wait and see what the Jews decide.  You're basically spectators.  Little wonder that you're usually clueless.  (As far as "we" go... we tend to meet them where they're at above the Right/Left paradigm and have some influence and leverage too.  Not a lot.... but more than you!  Lol.) 

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