Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A few random internet comments on the McCainiac...

Jordan helped train ISIS.
Look it up.
Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, UK and US.
There is a video of an American online where he confronts
John McCain and specifically speaks about US Special Forces
in Jordan training radical Jihadists telling McCain he knows
from first hand accounts of what is going on as McCain denies
it and walks away. This info is common place now.
Read this and look at the links.
Arming and bringing Jihadists into Europe is known, Clintons NeoCons
did this, if they can do this to Europeans they can do anything to anyone
and this has proven to be the case including starting war with Russia.
The parasite is in control here, chaos is their game, if the host burns
they do not give a shit, that is their plan all along.
ISIS Photo Controversy Engulfs Sen. John McCain
“According to a New York Times report, over a year ago, the CIA began training Syrian rebels in nearby Jordan, thousands of them, along with delivering arms and ammunition,”
I can’t find the exchange I spoke to earlier, but he gets ripped here.
Lots of links, 4 minute video, see related videos, Christian Syrian women cries,
” we are the secularists ” , McCain responds ” assad is the butcher ” .
Patriotic American Blaine Cooper to John McCain: I Would Have You Arrested for Treason

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