Sunday, August 17, 2014

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Duffy Duck
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or ask one of his advisors.
Like Axelrod, or Sunstein, or Rahm Emmanuel.
Sat, 08/16/2014 - 22:56 | 5103792 junction
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What we need are real soldiers in Iraq.  So send the officers of the Ferguson police department, especially Chief Jackson, on an all expense paid trip to northern Iraq.  They can try out their laser gunsights against ISIS.  Warning to our brave police lads in military SWAT uniforms, ISIS does not stop shooting when you say you surrender.
Sat, 08/16/2014 - 23:04 | 5103808 Carpenter1
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Soon as I see a bunch of purposefully scary looking "terrorists" threatening to down the White House, I know I'm dealing with the CIA and NWO.
Youtube doesn't ban their channel
Twitter lets them spew their propaganda, but will ban you for a few F-bombs.
They get prime time MSM coverage, with full explanations of their capabilities, plans, and real time movements.

Any of this seem familar? It should
Sun, 08/17/2014 - 11:29 | 5104904 my_nym
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Is there a difference between the CIA and the NWO and Mossad and the JWO?

I've been watching Cheney's old interviews on Iraq after those utterly bungled anthrax attacks gave America's empire builders a little "WMD" scare.  Perhaps scared enough to try to check their own underpants for WMDs.  Those attacks were sort of like the threat from "Al Qaeda" on 911 against Air Force One, as the dancing Israelis were dancing in the background.  Al Qaeda, the toilet, must have penetrated White House security at a fairly high level, huh?
Given the terrorist tactics "Here's some CIPRO for anthrax attacks, oops... I mean here it is."  used against America's empire builders occurs to me... it's as if the pet (scape) goat AND Cheney are equally clueless in their own ways.  So the thought arises, "Perhaps the reason that Cheney is so good at lying through his teeth?  He actually believed in and was terrorized based on that WMD bullshit.  So he might actually believe in the war on terror."  What is the best form of lying and deceit?  Making use of compartmentalized proxies that tend to believe their own bullshit.  Still thinking.  But perhaps that's what is going on.  On a long timeline, integrity > intelligence.  So it doesn't really matter how clever the "father of lies" type stuff is, whether here and now or in another dimension to the heavens.  It looks bad here and now as far as successful forms of lying and a lack of integrity and the ability to slither around goes, though.   
Anyway, the nature of Cheney's bullshit aside...  the Israelis and Zionists networks weren't even kind and empathetic enough (too tribal and ethnocentric, most likley) to stage anthrax attacks or have American soldiers find WMDs in Iraq.  They can stage the attacks.  But they can't be bothered to stage the WMDs being found for the sake of the veterans.  No more than they can actually provide enough ponzi for the veterans.  Although there seems to be plenty for more War Inc. for Zion and being Jew..."ish" Inc.
Apparently they don't care about their goyim golem.  The framework of their question is always, "Is it good for the Jews." or "Is it good for our companies and banks." or "Is it good for Israel."

It's not, "Is it good for EVERYONE?" or "Is it good for the goyim?" or "Is it good for our goyim golem, Team America?"  or "Is this good for America and Americans, first?"  Note the lowly Christian Zionists in the background:  "Stand with Israel!!!"  There's millions of them.  Because a group of people successsfully named a state, "Israel."  So apparently, our only chance to get our interests represented is to rename America a "Hebrew State."  Or perhaps the State of Judah or whoever fought that civil war back when the descendents of various tribes were fighting among themselves. 
Apparently Christian Zionists can't even stand with themselves and their tribe/family and nation to the same extent that they can "Stand with Israel!!!!"  So I'm beginning to find that I can't stand them. 

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