Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Please. nothing is too far...

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“As Reuters reports…” -- Tyler
Reuters is the pipeline – It is through Reuters that Kiev and Israel and D.C. create their own wars with their own facts.
Who cares what Reuters reports except politicians the likes of Rand Paul who justify this Palestinian genocide by blaming Hamas in order to get Israel’s support to run for the White House.  Clearly, D.C. and Israel are planning the extermination of all opposition. There appear to be none save Vladimir Putin who are taking steps to prevent it.
“We’re not calling this blood bath in Gaza a war, like the mainstream media. For it to truly be considered a war, both sides would have to be adequately armed and engaged in protracted combat. Instead, what honest, objective observers are witnessing is the Israeli army engaged in a turkey shoot, indiscriminately slaughtering innocent men, women and children in the densely populated ghetto of Gaza, as Palestinians fire back, often with rock-armed slingshots.
"But while the rest of the orld is rightfully calling out Israel’s crimes against humanity, D.C. wants to give Israel another $1 billion this year to help it murder more Muslims and Christians…
"Washington’s blind obedience and deference to Israel is no longer just obvious to us. It is evident to the entire world, which is turning against Israelis, who have clearly gone too far this time.” -- Christopher J. Petherick, Executive Editor, AFP

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