Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ok, not worth posting this at Delaware Politics... I just start writing and keep going sometimes.

Thank you for writing this blog post, and clearly stating where you stand.

Stand with Israel!!  Etc.

Ever notice that people do not seem especially interested in seeing to it that Israel stands with them?

   But I'd like to thank him too.  He has left a record on an increasingly sticky web of where he stands.  As have you.  As has Kevin Wade.

So if the misdirection of framing the Saudi government for their role in 911 without dealing with the whole (and increasingly transparently obvious) axis of terror in the MidEast doesn't work out we will all know where everyone stood on "standing with Israel" and their so-called "war on terror."  

We may have to look it up and translate it from Russian (As their growing media networks sit on 911 truth* for now.) if the plug is pulled on the net in America (emergency, call 911!!  Etc.) but anyone that is interested in knowing, will know.  

*Apparently the only thing left to observe is, will the Empire give way in a Day of Terror (What "terror drills" are scheduled?) or will the slow process of grinding down "JudeoChristian" credibility and full faith and credit continue slowly and through numerous proxy wars in a continual "war on terror"?  A war on terror already trickling back down on poor peasants in Ferguson.  Not that they would know that, anymore than the police forces and SWAT Teams policing them know anything about the "root of all evil" type trends producing rotten fruit in their own culture.      

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