Monday, August 18, 2014

Ramble 8/18

It’s not about the “Jewish people,” but rather the left-wing Jewish media moguls and academics who direct the culture.

Never fear, supposedly they're headed your way and more to the Right in general these days:
My story is vastly different than that of other American Jews. As a (legal!) immigrant from the former Soviet Union, I have a totally different perspective. I am proud to be a European-American and openly recognize the superiority of Western Civilization. This has made many American Jews consider me at best an intolerant off-the-boat Archie Bunker and at worst a crazed hater. The fact that I am vehemently against illegal immigration and support Tom Tancredo only makes things worse.
    On several occasions in my academic career, I found myself to be the only student in the class who stood up for white Americans or the West against idiotic anti-white vitriol. While other people my age read Chomsky and Fanon, I read Pat Buchanan and Peter Brimelow. I still remember a professor blanching and gasping when I told him that Pat Buchanan`s Death of the West is one of my favorite books. He actually said: “Pat Buchanan is the Devil, Eugene!!!”
  But there is a new development in American race relations: an increase in the racial realism of American Jews.  I find myself in the company of a growing number of American Jews who are fed up with the mainstream, don`t consider “white” an epithet, and are proud of being a part of our great Western Civilization.
    Previous generations of American Jews viewed racially conscious whites as an enemy and wholeheartedly identified with the post- and anti-white mainstream. But the current generation of American Jews remembers, not Mississippi Civil Rights martyr Andrew Goodman, but the 1991 Crown Heights pogrom —reminiscent of the bloodbaths in czarist Russia because of the authorities`—in this case, New York City`s black mayor David Dinkins`—negligence and sympathy for the attackers.
    After all, it is a plain fact, which even the Anti-Defamation League does not dare to deny, that Blacks are the most anti-Jewish group in America after American Muslims. The only openly anti-Semitic press in this country is the Black press: (Amsterdam News, City Sun, WLIB radio). The largest anti-Semitic organization in America, the Nation of Islam, is a Black organization.  Link
There's a lot of inertia, tradition and all that. So most are still Democrats and still back on trying to degrade and do away with traditional American culture while forming new voting blocs in their "special interests," etc.  Supposedly they're Leftists, yet why are so many Zionists nationalists for themselves and "multicultural" for the goyim?

After founding and financing the NAACP to police the goyim through liberal/witless "Where's the rainbows? Don't Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson still have my free rainbow after the MLK assassination?" wonders working there, supposedly the Tribe Inc. is going to more and more shift back to the neocons. 

And that's all going well.

Wars for Zion and against Arab/Muslim goyim already led to army surplus from ridiculous "WMDs in their underpants... no, WMDs in YOUR underpants!!  Quick, buy some underwear scanners..."  trickling back to local police in Ferguson.  Meanwhile, American police chiefs are being trained by the IDF on how best to manage different tribes, whether that's the "antisemitic" half-wits of Occupy or the crazy Christian Zionists of the Tea Party:
Indeed, numerous heads of U.S. police departments have traveled to Israel for “anti-terrorism training”, and received training from Israeli anti-terrorism experts visiting the U.S. See this, this, this, this, this. [Too many links to actual evidence for Delaware "sons of camels" Politics, I guess. ]
   Indeed, the Ferguson police chief received training in crowd control in Israel in 2011.
    And Gaza residents are literally tweeting info on how to handle tear gas to help Ferguson citizens.

   Even the mainstream media is picking up on the militarized police.  USA Today headlines, “Pentagon fueled Ferguson confrontation“.  And Newsweek runs with, “How America’s Police Became an Army.”
   But they’re still blaming 9/11 as the reason for the militarization of the police...
  But guess what, when you join the neocon wing to clean up the mess that an international tribe generally created by monetizing others in the first place, then you'll be mocked and blamed by Bill Maher and Jon Stewart for... being militarized.  Or owning a gun to protect yourself from black mob violence because reparations and a real resolution and a Slave Memorial in DC cannot be allowed.  Or you'll wind up operating a drone to police the Arab goyim.  And the real funny man show is: "White racists, they want guns!!" or "What a coward, they're operating a drone!"  Etc.  Do you think I'm kidding?  There is actual evidence* behind everything I'm saying. 

You're a big joke for Jon Stewart and Bill Maher.  And they have a point.  There is an element of stupidity in Team America.

But when the crowd stops laughing and "multiculturalism" begins to get out of the hands of the Zionist establishment and they begin to think that they need another body guard, then a predominately white law and order/technological enforcement class will be expected to be the greatest ally of Zion.  Mocked and degraded, all the way. 

What happens when the technological enforcement class begins to rebel in a way that isn't controlled culturally by their minders and handlers of consciousness in banking and the media and politics, though?  It happened in the American Revolution.  And it's possible that it may happen again.

Interesting aspect of it. the Founders essentially tried to invent techniques and a sort of technology in having a written Constitution.  Don't underestimate technology or "white people" in general, for that matter. 

During a debate about terrorism, Maher disagreed with President George W. Bush‘s characterization of the terrorists as “cowards” — noting that “we” (the U.S. military) have been the cowards for remotely bombing countries while the terrorists stayed in the very planes that crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
   “We have been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. That’s cowardly,” Maher said according to transcripts (video below). “Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, it’s not cowardly,” he concluded.  Mediate
Ironically, that's probably drivel anyway. Not that Bill Maher would know.  But evidence indicates that a Global Hawk system was used during the co-opted "drills" and simulations of 911.

Another irony, the "technological class" invented the internet... which is now trapping the consciousness or culture shaping class in its lies.  The web is rather sticky, so who is getting caught in it?      

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