Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ramble 8/12

When a rabbi asked Jesus for a summary of the law, he agreed that it was loving your neighbor as yourself.  But in the background, the traditional rabbinic view of who their "neighbor" was, was tribal and racist.  That's the context.  So he also told the parable of the Good Samaritan. 

That would be like saying that the very best and most priestly members of the IDF actually don't care about Palestinians and are generally "Oops." leaving them to die these days instead of trying to save every single "human shield" that voted for Hamas, etc.  And then following that up by saying that there is a Good Palestinian that actually saved the life of a Jew from bandits in Gaza.

In any event... the IDF, does not necessarily care about Palestinian civilians and isn't necessarily always going around trying to save their lives.  Actual journalism, as opposed to propaganda, shows that the IDF will drive through a town shouting curses at the goyim on a megaphone and when teenage boys pick up stones to through at them, use that as the pretext to execute them.  Then there are the cases of atrocities, like when they cut the arm off of a boy that was throwing stones.  After all, like David vs. Goliath... he was throwing a stone?

Jesus is still the answer.  But Jews rejected him and many celebrate killing him as an enemy of their tribe to this day.  Hebrews, with laws to love each other as a tribe, never even got along with each other in the first place.  Judah, civil war.  Judah, sold Joseph. Judas, sold Jesus.  What is it to be Jew...ish, again?  The fact that converts to Judaic traditions and rabbinic teachings reject the anti-Judaic/anti-tribal answer to their traditions (Logos, from the order of Melchizedek) shapes the brutal and racist culture that they're forming (partly in reaction to Islamic cultures) to this day.... even as some people converted to a Jewish identity and therefore rabbinic thinking play pretend about being "secular" and are generally utterly clueless about the rabbinic/Talmudic nature of the tribal, racist state they are being used to establish.

Ironically, Christian Zionists are generally trying to establish a "Jewish state" too.  The better for them to burn the Bible and so forth, I guess.  http://www.rense.com/general92/burnss.htm

Is it time for McChristians of Honey Boo Boo America to build another mega church or go to McDonald's?  Too busy with trampling each other to death at Walmart before they "stand with Israel" again, I guess.  The thing of it is, Israel doesn't stand with them.  And the One that they purport to follow (debatable) didn't stand for the "traditions of the rabbis" that were eventually written down in the Talmud either.      

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