Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The entertainment value of paganism...

A comment with respect to the separation of paganism and the current state of things:
The idea that the Cremation of Care ceremony is merely a symbolic gesture for attendees to let loose and relax is not supported by the reality of the event.
   For one thing, it’s extremely bad theater. If such a dramatization were to have occurred only in one year of the event’s existence, and happened to be caught on video, then we could understand the “harmless prankster” angle. But it didn’t. This particular event occurs every year. The same ritual. The same bad script. The same dumb theme. The same look. The same burning of the “effigy”. If it’s so “meaningless” why don’t they perform different rituals from one year to the next?
   Secondly, as theater, it is amateur and dull. And for such an amateur and dull event, it drags on and on. Who wants to watch that kind of weird, crappy entertainment over and over every year....  Link

I wonder if that's public property or if some atheists want to meet at Starbucks to see if it is to try to stop their rulers and leaders in general from engaging in pagan ceremonies?  Just kidding, there's probably no such thing as "public property" for the owners of the public and its debts in general.

But some local nativity scenes on public property?  Atheists will be quick to have a meeting then because nativity scenes are probably a threat to national security and the establishment of a national religion too. 

Scratch the surface and everything is a farce and a satire these days.  So the most likely explanation for the rituals typical to the American ruling class may be that we're already ruled by pagans and wealthy cabals of people.  Ironically if the wealthy didn't get greedy, then they could keep thieving and looting through the "financial services" industry without people in "the base" noticing ("Hey, it seems like I have less wealth or somethin'.).  But you know how that goes.  In any event... meanwhile, people at a local level wander around occupying space or looking for nativity scenes that they can flop down in front of and play pretend about being victimized by?

That should be the least of their concerns.

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