Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Keiser Report: God Hates Bankers

God hates bankers? That's not exactly true. After all, He embraced Judas and loved him too. See Dietrich Bonhoeffer's thoughts on the subject: The Collected Sermons of Dietrich Bonhoeffer By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Max is a bit psychotic... but it takes one to know one, as they say.

Contrast with Lady Gaga's theatrical productions about Judas, although they're probably more her handler's and financier's productions than her own at this point. So much for artistic creativity... so keep an eye on the symbolism typical to paper ponzi and the idea of manipulating perceptions, if you're not too ignorant and stupid to do so at this point. Meanwhile, back in reality... Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta seems to be busy with checking her hotel rooms for ghosts and demons that seem to haunt the brains between her symbolic temples. Too much handling? Hopefully she won't wind up dead in a bathtub... because some baptisms seem to be different than others.
Today in ORLY? news: Lady Gaga is "terrified" of evil spirits and spends thousands of dollars on having every hotel and tour venue "scanned by a team of paranormal investigators." Gaga allegedly spent $47,000 on a "state of the art" electro magnetic field meter that can detect ghosts...
Attention whores, for all their theatrics even they seem to be just scared little daughters of God in the end. There again, I've been scared too. Yet I like to think that I do not need attention as I'm only interested in observing, describing and writing the truth of things in so far as that is possible in a world full of mystery.

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