Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Reflecting on odd things....

Another odd thing you might reflect on is the common law innovation of using juries, which you mention above and which you don’t quite grasp in context. There are no juries in actions in equity. There are juries in law courts. Again, this was a move AWAY from ecclesiastical authority....

Another odd thing you might reflect on is that the mystery religion and secret societies involved in ruling the world may eventually move back toward "actions in equity" based on "ecclesiastical authority."  Forward.  Or backward?  According to esoteric teachings current rulers will be naturally moving backward toward claims of omniscience (all seeing eyes in the sky), omnipotence (drones assassinating people without trial) and omnipresence (Big Brother).  (The supposed omniscience of the CIA is a long way from trial by jury at a local level.  Too bad they can't even tell what's going in Benghazi, though.)

Or did people think that we will have scientific progress "forward" merely by doing away with Christianity or all backward "religions" by whatever means necessary?  Ironically, it's likely that no sooner will "fundamentalism" be done away with than ignorant and stupid atheists and agnostics will reach the limits of their useful idiocy and the real elitists, gnostics and occult mystery schools that set off the idiotic "order out of chaos" pattern of their vain imaginations will emerge from the shadows again.  Just saying.  Because the final "externalization of the hierarchy" has been in the works for thousands of years (Imagine if time isn't necessarily what you think it is... and watch out for UFOs while you're at it.) and it's ultimately based on playing pretend about being God.  Yeah, so it may be backward to "religion" for "flat earth" progressives.  Backward, it's the new forward?

Imagine if people should ask themselves, which side has Bushbama Inc. been on with respect to systematically moving toward global omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence?  Still waiting on Obama's big face to be put over more polling places so that he can almost be present everywhere...  just kidding, the theatrical productions and techniques involved in it all probably have to be way better than anything people are currently capable of. 

Although one would think that anyone with eyes in their head can see where Bushbama Inc. has been moving the herd based on propaganda and so on in general.  A short cut is simply to skip to the end of what playing pretend about being God would look like.  So they're moving "forward" toward global (omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent)  government and a "new world order" and not "backward" away from it and back toward local government or people ruling themselves or being their own political stars. 

So give it a few generations until the masses grow bigger to worship yet another political star with global ambitions or a global Big Brother and Ruler with delusions of omnipotence and ("But now I have drones to rule you.") omniscience ("And a surveillance state to protect you too!").  In the meantime, agnostics are often content to wallow around in ignorance of their own making so they're often easily ruled and led this way and that by gnostics in one way or another.  Real.  Ignorant.

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