Thursday, February 03, 2005

What is to be done, with the One?

The bibliolaters put Him in the Bible and thump, thump, thump. He likes not such thumping.

The philosophers seek to put Him in their own brains. Tap, tap, the One is all here, here in the head. Boom! It rains brains.

The cold toads seek to put Him in Nature and call what they do science. Booom! Everyone dies in a nuclear explosion. They give everyone bigger and bigger weapons even as they undermine civilization and work to create animalization. Are they smart or not, that's not smart! Their glasses grow thicker and thicker, their vision smaller and smaller. So get out your microscope before your mind disappears. They will not see the big picture.

They look up from the microscope and all its jots and tittles of the Code as one says to the other,

"Is it a jot?"

"No...looks like a tittle to me."

"How titillating!"

"Hey, let's put it in a test tube to test this tittle's titillation!"

Then they go home and read comic books. comes Ape-man in his series of images to save the day! Ape-man, but he is missing in action! Where is this mystery man? The meek, they must find him! They seek him, he is their hero. But they cannot find him. So they write a comic book about Ape-man, their hero.

But they do not call it a comic book. Instead, they call it a textbook.

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