Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Unfortunately, I spent my blogging time this evening on something else. I'm CJW there. Helping out some conservatives, I suppose...hmmm, dancers and artists, fun, fun, time for some knowledge and words.

Maybe I'll get a post on here after checking some messages and things. Well, there's a few comments under Niceville too.



Jason - Band Member said...

That link doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

Sorry this ain't related but... I got two more boys!

William Jacob was 5 lbs. 8 oz.

Zachary James was 5 lbs. 9 oz.

That makes number four and five. (Well on my way to eight...just kidding! I have already been informed that the only way I shall get more is through concubines. They have, however, been forbidden me.)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! :-) (wow, you're wife has my admiration)


mynym said...

Yes, congratulations, that's a lot of boys. I hope there are more fathers out there who will raise their boys to be men.

(The link should work, you must've just happened to click it as it was posted. Apparently I had put in a citation instead of a link, or something like that. I have to do things fast and faster.)

Anonymous said...

I was reading Evangelical Outpost and Joe linked back to Carl's update."Please pray that my sons will be fine."


(I did a double take over at the Outpost.)

mynym said...

Ummm, that was me.

Coke Brown Jr. said...


The cynical have their say-so,
Suggesting that only suckers
Believe in the fact that love and kindness make sense.

Such put-upon people
Have no idea of value;
They think that protecting themselves from harm is better

Than thinking of others.

It’s a backwards idea, for
If we do not protect our brother and our sister,
We cannot ever expect them to protect us.

There are borderline lunatics out there,
Far more insane than I,
Who suggest that retribution

Is a much better way of living life than is the acceptance
Of the most stranger methods of love.

I can love Nazis.
I can believe that they were mislead.
I can believe that anyone who hates

Is mislead.

I must believe that people are trying to be good,
No matter how evil their actions prove to be,
No matter how misguided their hate.

It’s simple, really, if you ask me how to be good.

Be kind; put yourself in your enemy’s shoes;
Don’t be a proliferate of hate or vengeance;
Be the guy or gal who loves and who never

Would tear down a stranger or friend because

You were ignorant of the niceties,
The common sense,
The simple fairness

That would lead our nation to well-being.

If you had formed a decent thought in the ‘40's,
You might have lead the Nazis
To forever understand humanity

And to never, ever assume
That evil and anger and judgment
Are where we should be.

Curb your anger, Baby.
Try to learn from your crib, Baby.
Try to believe that love might rule the world

If you would be less angry
And more helpful.

Anger, tears, or helpfulness.

Which do you choose?