Friday, February 04, 2005

Little Timmy's story....

One day, little Timmy's mommy told him to go into the back yard and rake all the leaves up. Now, little Timmy did not want to rake all the leaves up! So instead, he went off and played in the woods. He came back inside. His mom looked out and said, "I thought I told you to rake all the leaves up!" But he said, "Well, I did and they all blew back around because of the wind. What an unfortunate thing to happen by chance, poor me!"

He thought he was a smart one. But his mommy, she was pretty smart too! So she went out and looked at the leaves carefully. Then, she looked at the edge of the yard where it was a little wet.

And there she saw a foot print or two in wet leaves, just a few but also pointing to the woods.... Little Timmy got a spanking! For his mommy could recognize what could happen by happenstance and what would not.


Anonymous said...

That was a pretty boring and pointless story. I'm dumber for having read it.

mynym said...

"I'm dumber for having read it."

Perhaps you do things that make you stoopid too often.

There are some minds that refuse to see the open and obvious signs of benevolent intelligence. I.e., lil' Timmy rakes all the leaves in the yard into a pile in the middle. Does his mom look out and think, "Given enough time, the wind might swirl all the leaves into a pile into the middle of the yard. At least that's an explanation that is natural and the natural processes of Nature are all that I believe in. So Timmy must be spanked!"

Of course not....the open and obvious signs of benevolent intelligence at work are easy to read. But if a malevolent intelligence is at work within patterns of chaos, disease and death, it might be much harder to see.