Sunday, February 20, 2005

Blogging Notes...

I added Technorati search to the blog, which will be a convenience for me. Technorati also lets you search all blogs.

I have updated Right2Left some. It's not really serving its original purpose of going around Leftist censorship, which is fine. It's more of an archive of things instead, which is more interesting to me than the banalities of the Left anyway. There are some comments there that are probably a bit too "intellectual." But if you are one of those in-tellers who spins words around in your intellect to become more of an intellectual instead of chattering them away all the time, you may understand (agreeing or disagreeing).

The problem with the chattering of chit chat is that some chits are trying to be the chats and some chats, the chits. In that way there is less of a complementary and complimentary chit for chat, the tit for tat of this and that.

Anyway, I think I will extend the dialogue in the parable of the atheist in some new posts here next.

And maybe I will eventually write some theistic arguments in more "formal" terms for Ian. Or maybe not, I am careful of killing Life with some stifling formality. Life is not all a bunch of formulas or logic, after all. I remember my most "formal" philosophy class at the university. I was bored out of my mind. I've learned more from dialogue among people who are actually passionate about political philosophy (from the Right or the Left) than from such a deadly boring monologue about logic. Fortunately, there were other philosophy classes that were different.

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