Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"...arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of Liberty abused to licentiousness. "
--George Washington


Anonymous said...

Did they have unbelievable wisdom and foresight, or what?!!


nik0pol said...

Any goverment that lasts too long pisses all over freedom, that was just as true in the late 1700s as it was when the first humans decided to pick a leader for the wandering band of scavengers or today when the USA "elected" ;-) a president.

robotii said...


mynym said...

"Any goverment that lasts too long pisses all over freedom..."

That is Jeffersonian....yet he helped to establish a government that has protected Liberty fairly well. Unfortunately those on the Left typically assume that people are just plain nice at heart, plus perfectable through social engineering. That contrasts with the Founder's more cynical view of human nature and their tendency to use it against itself. As in capitalism, the point is to harness the bad in human nature and make it accomplish something while also trying to support or build up whatever remnant of the good there is.

Whether from a more Scripturalist Calvinism or years of study to reach the same sort of conclusion from history and philosophy, they pretty much all agreed on a negative view of human nature.

mynym said...

"Did they have unbelievable wisdom and foresight, or what?!"


Ironically, their type of philosophy is attacked by both Christians and pagans. On the one hand there are Scripturalists who would deny the importance of history, philosophy and the natural revelation of Nature's God.

On the other hand there is a large segment of modern scientists who have shifted to a belief in scientism that is little more than Nature based paganism. These are those who feel that Mother Nature "selects" and designs things, etc. They also stand opposed to any sense to the natural revelation of Nature's God. Much more so than pretty much anyone else, you might say that they stand in stark contrast to the Founders.

(They do not seem to like it very much when I begin to point this out. But history shows a strong correlation between a belief in scientism, an emergent modern paganism based on some of the mythological narratives of Naturalism, and Nazism.)