Friday, February 11, 2005

Narratives and senses of humors...

I can say this for evolutionism or philosophic naturalism, if it is true that a sense of humor is as a sense of our own humors, then evolutionism is a grand joke. It reduces humans to humors or humus. So then a sentient being (If they are not reduced to the crass and crude by actually believing it.) can have a stronger sense of their own humors. I like reading what evolutionists have to say, since it is good material for some things, as is all spiritual monism. It seems that the materialist is the best material for satire.

Take an example, the male nipple is supposedly vestigial. In other words, men have a trace of a useless nipple because once upon a time there was a single proto-human who...reproduced on their own. Etc., there is some mythological narrative of naturalism for it.

Anyway, back to these vestigial nipples. (Why two, I wonder, perhaps one is ancestral to the other?) How about a story...

Once upon a time there was a scientist who created some little creatures and put them in a place he made for them. He noticed them doing some odd things and he heard them murmuring in to him what was a simplistic language, "Hey, I have nipples. But they don't do anything! Hmmm, that must mean that no one created us. Besides, if they did create then they covered it up well. Look at this, and that, it seems like it is all just of us and our own place here." So the scientist watched for a while as the little creatures pointed to their chests and pointed around in the place he had made for them. He was fascinated by some of the stories they came up with about it all. One day, it was time to do away with the place he had made for them. So he took some creatures he saved into a different place. But he set one of the ones he saved aside for a moment and asked, "About that nipple business, what were they thinking?" The little creature replied, "I really can't say. But like they said, why didn't you just make things obvious? Besides, why create things to be so that I have these little useless nipples on me, it seems odd."

The scientist replied, "I know more about my own creations than you do. But let me tell you a story. Once, I created some creatures, put them in a world, and made it be so that some would have nipples and some would not. But there was this problem with nipplism. Some of the creatures apparently thought, 'Hah, I have nipples and these others don't! That must mean that I, and all nipple people are superior!' So the nipplists began to mistreat the others....and well, it was a problem."

The creature looked thoughtful, "Well...I guess a creature like me can't know all that might happen."

Then he looked at his chest and said, "Huh, and here I thought these things were useless."

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