Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I'm on my laptop and it seems that it may be too slow to get anything done here today. I was going to update the parable of the biologists but that blogger page doesn't want to load. I'd hate to leave Melody in suspense, after all. I should ask what her hair color is.

Well, maybe tomorrow....when I'm back on the good old broadband. This makes me wonder how anyone can use dialup.


Okay, it did work. So that has been updated. It turned into something more like a rough draft.


Anonymous said...

You have a rabid anti-dialup phobia that has turned you into a dial-up bigot. And quite frankly, as a dial-up user I find this offensive. People like you should be locked up...better yet, you should be forced to use dial-up service after the whole world has gone broadband.

Okay, okay. I didn't have anything profitable to say. Hope you and yours are doing well.


mynym said...

"I didn't have anything profitable to say."

But you did prove that you know the methods and modes of some two-bit propagandists.

And that means you're smart. But we knew that already. Anyway, glad you stopped in. I would check your blog but this dialup is too slow for it. I'll check it tomorrow, so have a good update on it by then.

I'm glad this dialup worked enough to get some things done tonight but now I'm going to bed. So see you around.