Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Empire of Entertainment.

Not sure why Jews and kosher groups spanning the Right to the Left are in freak out mode over Trump.  He loves him some Jews.  He loves you.  He stands with you. No one will stand with you and his own family in the Empire of Entertainment as much as he will.  "I will tell you that."  Etc. It's as if they hate and fear the idea of an independent man of European descent.  They prefer their goy golems, controlled by political correctness or their innumerable "advisers"/lawyers/media consultants and "former CIA agent" type reporters interviewing some other "national security adviser" or banker. 

It's as if they're openly and repeatedly telling you:  "We don't control him. Hitler!!!! FREAK OUT!!!"   Etc.  But what if we the people don't want you nutters control him?  If our interests align, that's fine.  But this idea where Jew debates Jew, who interviews another Jew, that disagrees with a Jew, that was awarded an Oscar by some other Jew... and on and on... resulting in a kosher culture where the idea that our interests may not align never sees the light of day has to go. 

It's as if the Global Jewish Empire of Entertainment that naturally subverts others like a force of gravity bending all other ethnnic groups to whatever is perceived as being in its own interests has become decadent.  Can an empire grounded on entertainment itself become decadent?  I thought bread and circuses were used to keep ethnic groups happy in the past.  (Mainly the ethnic spine that built the thing, which then expanded.)  But entertainment wasn't the basis of the entire thing.  Man cannot live on entertainment alone!       

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