Friday, March 25, 2016

Blaming Jews for stuff that Jews have do. Oy vey.

Ultimately the Jewess that wrote the poem had more sense than witless White women that are comfortable with the genocide of Europeans worldwide, eventually including their own children.  All the while murmuring and cooing to themselves about how loving and tolerant they are.  At least the Jewess loved her own kin.  Didn't view them as racist refuse/white trash.  And didn't portray her dreams for a tribal homeland as a country that was for everyone in the entire world but her own kin and the people that created it.

We're going to figure this out and hold people responsible for an attempt to ethnically cleanse Europeans back in Europe while melting and diversifying European Americans out of existence too.  So should we blame a witless woman like you and countless others that compose the cosmopolitan sex in the city vote?  Or should we blame the Jewess with her little poems about a Statue put up by cryptos and the Jews producing all the TV shows and endlessly anti-White movies that witless White women watch?   Of course you should check the author of the poem and the producers of the show.

I'm being nice by shifting the blame for what is occuring, the reduction of Europeans and people of European descent to a minority, onto a Jewess (and NYC Jews in general) lecturing us "goyim" about our ancient civilizations.  But if you want the blame then you're welcome to it.  How many other women are like you?  Who else wants the blame for trying to ethnically displace and subvert our kin in all the countries of our ancestors after WWII?  Is it most White women, like you?  Why aren't Japanese women like you?  Why don't they want to diversify Japan out of existence?  Very mysterious.  Perhaps Jewish feminists subverted our customs and traditions, our romances... and the White Knight of the White tribes of the North out of their continual fear and loathing of us.  They're ugly inside and out, Lena Dunham.  Examples abound.

Despite a White witless wonder woman like you, I still blame Jews.  Mainly because it's their fault. 

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