Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Grandpa tried to warn us...

Ron Paul, those were the days. If only he had talked about people's wives and perhaps put on a clown suit to get the attention of the dumbocratic masses in the Multicultural Empire of Entertainment. 

Being united as nations by money and the Babel of American Idol is a thin veneer that "works" as long as there's enough fuel for the show. Enough dollars created out of nothing every time someone signs a debt/money mortgage while paying taxes to the DC cartel that launders the money for bankers. Gas is cheap (in dollars) because the Saudi/Israeli/US/axis powers and their proxy armies of ISIS/chaos wanted to bring down Syria/Iran/Russia for the sake of the Empire of Entertainment. 

 Doesn't seem to be working. So what happens when the show can't go on? It seems like entertainment is merging with reality.   Bring in the reality show star!

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