Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Donald Trump and the KKK... :-|

Surprised the media//Jews/Jewish oligarchs and Judeo-Christian Zionists haven't argued that he's the Devil incarnate.  There again, I guess they've already done that too.  I'm not campaigning for a moral degenerate like Trump.  But this is ridiculous.  I guess it already was if you know anything about anything in American politics, i.e. the Empire of Entertainment.  It's unfortunate that hundreds of thousands of people are killed or have their lives and marriages shattered due to the Imperial Empire of Entertainment.  But when you trace it all back, it's because Ron Paul and others couldn't be entertaining enough.  Perhaps he should have put on a little clown suit or like Carson in the last debate: "Someone attack me so that I can join the circus."  Etc. 

The usual criminals and murderers running the Empire(And therefore their witless trendies that think the reality show media in America has something to do with reality.) called Ron Paul the KKK too.

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