Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Belgium attack victim had warned against demonizing Muslims

"Pinczowski's Nov. 16 Facebook post was reposted by her mother, Marjan Pinczowski Fasbender.

The mother wrote that she wanted to share "this message of tolerance from our Dear Daughter Sascha."" 

This is just a variant on the suicide cults based on the pathological altruism and moral vanity typical to the White tribes of the North.  They sometimes add a patina of Christianity to their glaringly white racial tendencies.  They need to be seen as the fairest/whitest of them all.  So your son and daughter get killed, you begin a PR campaign about how fair/white minded you are. This applies to Whites whether they're Christians or not.  Most Europeans are atheists now, yet they behave the same way. 

If Christ isn't a conqueror and God doesn't love his kin/Son enough to hate his death with a righteous wrath and burning of an astronomical number of suns then Christians of European descent that create suicide cults for their kin in the name of "Judeo-Christianity" are to be pitied above all men.  To me as a Christian that doesn't agree with the subversion of family/tribe/kin groups being directed against European Americans and Europeans now, it doesn't get any sicker (to death in the will) than virtue signalling about "tolerance" when your family just got killed and your extended tribe/race kin are headed toward dying out. 

It doesn't matter that God gave his Son if you don't love your own son.  You are not the fairest of them all.  The very language of Nature within which the trinity communicated their love for the world that they created is being subverted in this age.

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