Saturday, March 12, 2016

African, Africans...

African behavior is worse in other countries, namely... Africa.

So you can count yourself lucky that this isn't Africa yet, where white people could have even better "national security."

If Whites are so witless that they can't even form a lobby group equal to the ADL/La Raza/NAACP/CAIR (everyone else in the entire world) for the sake of their children then I guess they better hide behind Hispanic men. Or their favorite, an African man.

Meanwhile European Americans still sign up for the US military that is said to protect their "national" security. Supposedly they have a "nation," yet they don't have an ethnic identity equal to Jews/Mexicans/Africans/Arabs/Indians in their own country. They are not diversity, everyone else in the entire world is diversity. Many people that count as diversity have their own ethnic homelands, or they're building one for themselves. Because according to the first minority that incites and fancies itself as a light shining above all majorities/"goyim"/others... the mere existence of white people as a majority in the countries of their ancestors is privilege, supremacy and racism.

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