Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Well, you can tell a lot of media outside of America isn't owned or operated by tribal Judaics yet.

Note that prominent dual citizens actually agree that Gaza should be "strangled" and all the rest of it. After all, tribe members are just preemptively protecting themselves from terrorists.  Or something like that.

I would point out that ignorant American goyim don't have representation in the Israeli government to the same extent that Israelis have representation in the United States.   Apparently the "special relationship" is all one way based on Jewish supremacy, an assumption that many Judaics apparently don't even see because they just assume it.  

More assumptions:

"Give America your tired, your poor... wretched refuse!"  --Emma Lazarus

"P.S.... but I want my own religious state and an ethnic, national homeland because we're superior to the wretched refuse or somethin'."

Speaking of the statue of Liberty, note Sarkozy's recent version of the same mentality:  "French people will have to be forced to intermarry, after we force Arabs to wear different clothes.  It's diversity and all that."

"P.S...  I'm off to Israel to light a Menorah.  We have anti-miscegenation laws there.  And the Menorah itself is a symbol of our tribalism and our rejection of intermarriage and diversity.  But you need to intermarry, dumb goyim." 
Except for two places, I have retained the French word "métissage" (crossbreeding), and it's various verbal and adjectival forms, since "crossbreeding", "racial mixing" and other similar terms don't always convey the right meaning. "Crossbreeding" sounds too scientific, as when farmers crossbreed crops. "Miscegenation" is too technical and refers to marriage. "Mongrelization" and "bastardization" are too graphic. It looks as if "métissage" will join "laïcité" and "communautarisme" as French words that are so troublesome, it's better to just leave them.

However, if you have suggestions, feel free...

"(...) the objective is to meet the challenge of "métissage" - the challenge of "métissage" that the 21st century is confronting us with. The challenge of "métissage", France has always been familiar with it, and by meeting the challenge of "métissage"   ....
It is not a choice. It is an obligation. It is an imperative. We cannot do otherwise at the risk of finding ourselves faced with considerable problems.

We must change, so we will change.   Link

Yet he didn't have anything to say about Israel's anti-miscegenation laws or need for "change" for Palestinians to marry Jews.

Imagine that.

I'm actually for intermarriage of the racial sort.  It tends to work out for the best.  That's the irony of some Jews trying to use immigration and intermarriage against other tribes to consolidate power or new alliances for themselves while keeping anti-miscegenation laws among themselves.  Shrug.  Note that some are basically doing the same thing in America, that's what the multicultural/Frankfurt* school type of attack on "whites" is all about.  If you're WASP then convert to Judaism instead of "JudeoChristianity"...  and there you go, now you can establish your religion in a state, reject multiculturalism, get pretty tribal, have anti-miscegenation laws and pretty much just run wild with it all.  You could even "impose" your religious symbols on the White House lawn or all around the country without fear of lawsuits.

*But that's another "conspiracy theory."  Right.  All tribalism leads to conspiracy theories... perhaps Honey Boo Boo America and ignorant goyim could think about it this way.  On an episode of Survivor, a group of people usually starts conspiring and then another person gets voted off the island.  Factions and tribes vary...      

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