Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Here we are now, entertain us.

Rambling on from here...

Shrug.  Why do I even bother.  More entertainment.

The level of ignorance and stupidity:
"You're either with us or you're with the terrists."  --W

"They hate you for your freedoms."  --W

The pet scape goat didn't even have a clue about what "deep state" types of people in the government like Cheney and Rumsfeld that had been there for 30 plus years were up to, apparently.  Maybe we don't need term limits for politicians.. and instead we need term limits for anyone that's been in the government or the FBI/CIA/NSA/Pentagon for over a decade?  Because eventually many seem to start looking out for themselves and their interests* more than "national security"... and then whatever patriots are left have to become whistle blowers pursued by an utterly corrupt administration like Obama's.   

*And it doesn't help when the attitude of the corporate media is: "Please take a leak on me first, me first!  Official sources** are now telling me!" or "President Obama, what is your favorite color?  Do you poop rainbows?  I thought you might."  I.e....  not an attitude of investigative journalism.

**Or Fox News:  "Our official sources have told us this... except when it's an Israeli spy ring, then they didn't tell us anything and we scrub our sites.  Bring out our Menorah, it's not a symbol of Jewish nationalism and Mossad terrorists.  Whoa, a huge Menorah is being lit by Chabad and Rahm Immanuel at the White House.  Anyway, there's a war on the national holiday of Christmas and Christmas trees... or somethin'."

True pagan nationalists mixed in with "JudeoChristians," I guess...  so asking their opinion on Chabad's ideologies of racial supremacy would be like asking Dana Perino her opinion of W's role in the Bush crime family with his poppy.

Ramble of the day, too bad people apparently have no use for the "avoid entangling alliances" philosophy of the Founders and the Constitution these days.  Because their philosophy would make the majority of this stuff irrelevant.  People could even live at peace with people that take a Talmudic mentality, without becoming rather "entangled" in their ideologies of tribal supremacy or infinitely bureaucratic legalism. 

That's the thing about the NSA, all that surveillance and they couldn't see the Boston boys being turned away from their training and can never see the work of Israelis either.  That's because it's a matter of people being willing to focus on and investigate the truth no matter what based on facts, logic and evidence.  I.e. it's not a matter of technology or better bureaucracies full of "experts" and careerists in "Star Trek" rooms like the NSA had.      

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