Monday, December 02, 2013

Racism and Tribalism

People like to feel special.. even European converts to Judaism that probably aren't even Semitic in the sense of being some sort of an ancient racial group.  Convert and then you could accuse everyone of antisemitism due to the fact that reactionary thug heads like the Golden Dawn legitimize the whole idea of the Jewish religion being racial or having something to do with "race."  Racism breeds racism, given that it's a matter of perceptions that have little to do with physical reality.  (But you can't sit around saying that it has little to do with reality if some racist thug heads from the Golden Dawn are headed your way or some Talmudic tribe members are trying to fleece those that they perceive as cattle or goyim.  Because they're going to make their perceptions of superiority a reality if you let them, even if it is idiotic to feel some racial or tribal identity with a group containing a lot of idiots.  Maybe that's why they're always pointing to other groups or perceptions of them.  Otherwise they'd have to deal with the fact that they don't even agree with each other and their groups contain idiots.)        

[quote]Err... haven't you noticed that (almost) all white people are antisemitic, anti-eastern, anti-Muslim and anti-black (in increasing order of application).

Racism is so deeply ingrained.[/quote]

It is pretty silly.  If your whole worldview or deepest ideologies about how you fit into the world are based on something that can disappear when people have sex with each other then there's a problem.

Ironically race doesn't even really exist the way most people think it does.  In general, there are only perceptions of race that turn into reality in the form of tribes.  But in a world where perceptions can become reality based on tribalism, it's important to take perceptions of race into account sometimes. 

If you can have anything from "blonde bimbos"* to ideologies about blue eyed Aryans based on little things in life like having blonde hair, then it's important to take into account how stupid most people are based on "racial" perceptions and so forth.  (Apparently I'm supposedly pompous for often writing that other people are being stupid.  But... whatever... and in this case, how is a lot of this stuff supposedly not stupid?  There's no other way of putting it.)

*Not to mention the best selling types of hair coloring sold to women since ancient times, etc.

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