Monday, December 02, 2013

Random comment... might still need some work.

I think this might be the main problem: “To borrow money on the credit of the United States.” From who? And why, if the “united states” can issue its own currency?

Maybe Congress should just do what the international bankers are doing and create it out of nothing every time people agree that they need to create more debt/money. Then the debate over how much should be spent in the public “interest” without interest or how limited the government should be could take place. (I.e. the “socialists” and the “capitalists” could finally have their little debates in an authentic way without being guided along by the Masonic hidden hand of people like Marx or “capitalists” being incorporated and guided along by 33rd Liberty Street.)

But as things stand the differences between socialists and capitalists are less and less (both agree with letting banksters trickle trillions out of the country, etc.) even as “the base” of each party becomes more and more discontent with their lack of an ability to have representation in their government, given that it’s actually banksterism that rules the day. This goes back to before Ronnie Raygun decided to market the creation of exponential amounts of debt/money in the name of national defense. Although he was a good entertainer in chief, seems to me. And now Obama has to find a way of marketing the creation of even more debt/money than all the other presidents. Surprise.

Shrug. As long as the freedom to connect is maintained on the internet (RIP Aaron Swartz) it’s likely that it’s going to undermine current power structures anyway. If not through Bitcoin, then through another crypto currency… it’s already begun. Or if not through Youtube beginning to undermine the utterly corrupt banking/corporate media of the virtual Pyramid Scheme Inc. and the idiotic “journalists” incorporated in it, then through another form of social media. It’s all already beginning. Interesting to note that there’s a fair amount of synergy between trends that are being produced by new forms of information technology and the philosophy of the Founders, especially Jefferson.

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