Friday, December 20, 2013

Off topic ramble...

...then you can bet there won’t be any other productive industries moving here in the future.

   Industries in America don't necessarily have to be productive to be profitable at this point. So Cleanup Inc. could move in and probably play pretend about vaporizing the chemicals in a green way by partnering with Solar Power Inc. And then the government might even give ponzi to their cronies or clients in Solar Power Inc. even if no one was actually doing much about the chemicals in reality, etc. It might even be a matter of the "federal reserve notes" that trace back to the Federal Reserve Inc. and not pollution or having Cleanup Inc. cleaning much up in reality.

Actually, a quicker way to make money would probably be to incorporate as the insurance company of Cleanup Inc. and just go entirely into "financial services." Insurance Corporation, Inc.? One would think that there would be some sort of an economic "correction" based on math and physics to the corruption of politicians and lawyers and paper and ponzi pushers, i.e. that little thing called "reality" in general would intrude on the limited lifespan of lying about value... but it hasn't happened yet in many regions. One would think that something more than regions like Detroit and Camden would have to give way eventually, especially given how utterly stupid, wasteful and corrupt the federal government is getting too.

I.e. "blue state" cities or regions like NYC and Delaware as the epicenters of financing the financing of something Financial Inc. may have to give way a mathematical and physically based view of "reality" too. It's not clear how papering it all over with ponzi and currency that's flowing all around the world can keep working at this point. The point is, illusions and lies have limited lifespans while what would seem to be mathematical and physical realities are actually real. And yet illusions and lies keep "working," at least for now. Ironically people need the government to be full of smart people of the highest possible integrity... basically people totally unlike Joe "New World Order" Biden.  Real.  Dumb.

 I wonder what it would take for regions in Delaware to "collapse" economically like Detroit and Camden. We might find out eventually. And then there won't be much money for Cleanup Inc., even if they're needed to clean up an environment that's been looted by some other mysterious "legal fictions" known as corporations.
The City of Wilmington's bond rating is AA- by all three major rating agencies (Moody's, Fitch, and Standard & Poor's).
vs. Standard & Poor's Ratings Services cut its rating on Detroit's general obligation debt to 'C' from 'CC' on Friday
 Apparently they wait until a region is relegated to the status of a bombed or "war torn" Third World nation before downgrading?  

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