Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Metabunk - Error

 Lol...  today has been a funny day.  

I think I'm going to join the forums at or maybe other sites where people aren't into going into some sort of weird "debunking" mode on all conspiracies.  Given that the world is full of conspiracies, so you have to become a better conspiracy theorist or supplant the crazy conspiracies mixed in with an element of truth (Alex Jones) with a good, evidence based analysis of real conspiracies (Ry Dawson). 

Mick has basically found a "Let's try to be more specific." excuse to program Metabunk to turn into the material of satire on 911 truth.  But more and more people are becoming familiar with the evidence and the most likely explanations based on it, so it's going to wind up being him and the corporate media against the internet eventually. 

I don't think he's corrupt like some people in the corporate media seem to be.  It seems more likely that he just has his little hobby and supposed "debunking" habits that happen to be programmed and structured in such a way as to support his general theories and naive worldview.  I wonder if he was a boy scout.  Anyway, Metabunk is full of bunk...  so I'm off to the conspiracy theorists.    

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