Monday, September 23, 2013

1953:US/UK Iranian Coup d'etat- 5min Sky News recap of Mosaddegh overthr...

 Ted Koppel didn't mention this Coup even once in the 444 days he blathered on about the "Hostage Crisis".
Because it was classified. So no one knew the real reasons for the crisis. That is not how Democracy is supposed to work, is it?

I was called a "Conspiracy Theorist" when I told people of this illegal and immoral Coup.
No one has apologized yet.  (Xenon, Metabunk conspiracy theorist)

OxymoronOxymoron Super Member

I find it fascinating but totally unsurprising, how the official acknowledgement of a conspiracy is used to denigrate 'Conspiracy Theorists' but this is to be expected.

Can you show that?

Your claim appears to be baseless, as statements such as: "For decades, the United States denied playing any part in the Iranian coup. But that position ended in 2009 when President Barack Obama acknowledged Washington's role.", patently show.

Unless you are suggesting that it was all over the media as a conspiracy theory, which was officially denied?

Of course the actions of the past are important, especially when it can be clearly seen that it is still current policy and used to foment further regime changes and wars costing millions of lives and destroying civilisations.

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