Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Interesting thoughts..

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I just saw a headline on propaganda media site NBCNews.com quoting Rumsfeld questioning Obama's 'leadership.' Rumsfeld represents the Pentagon's power base and his involvement now means things between the Pentagon and the CIA are moving to a new level.
What is going on in the Middle East and North Africa is the CIA cleaning out the Pentagon's establishment there and replacing it with the CIA's. Ditto in Syria. Obama IS CIA. The Saudis' power conduit into the US is via the CIA (H.W. Bush).
I now agree with others that there will be a false-flag in the Middle-East--something really bad is going to happen to an American warship.
Those disbelieving should ask oneself if the CIA didn't at least know about the coming Beirut barracks bombings in the early eighties' CIA infested Lebanon.
Going to get very REAL from here.

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