Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Actually, the prices are probably more fair in the private sector than in the "public sector" where Team America, Imperial Police has to go around the world pretending to be looking for WMDs in people's underpants while establishing central banks, keeping the petrodollars flowing or fighting wars for foreign factions and so forth. 

It would probably be simpler if the Qataris, the Saudis and the Israelis would just hire some mercenaries from the conglomeration of multinational corporations that generally make up America Inc. at this point.  That way the bankers wouldn't have to launder their paper ponzi through "democracy" and front men like John Kerry wouldn't have to try to sell a war before he gets the memo that he doesn't, etc. 

I didn't watch MSNBC and how they marketed going to war with Syria/Iran.  Did they market it?  As stupid and corrupt as they are, they probably did... I'll have to look that up sometime.  I still haven't checked Delaware Lemming to see what their little lemming minds have been up to.  (Too boring...  )  But according to people here, they tried to market it too.

Anyway... if people really want to market these wars then they should pay the people involved in them a fair wage, i.e. about $1,500 a day.  Then maybe more people would realize that they can't "afford" enough of the banker's paper ponzi to pay for all the PTSD, the limbless people, the SSRIs for the next shooter, etc... without monetizing the entire universe based on astronomical amounts of symbolic "debt"/money.

There again, monetizing everything for the sake of bankers seems to be the point...          

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