Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saving some symbolism...

As for synchronicity, that's outside 'da bunker', as you say. I think I'm imagining an allusion to Plato's cave and how dark it must be in there. I'm also imagining Mr Jung might concur.

Yes, those 110 storey towers and their 47 storey brother/sister, 7, Salomon Bros etc. I'm quite interested in this 'wtc7/Solomon's Temple' duality 'coincidence'; its trapezoidal association to Euclid's 47th problem (book 1, wasn't it?) and some other 'meaningless' historical symbology. Man and His Symbols, eh? It's just chaotic, coincidental, emergence - obviously. In which case, maybe we all live in an 'Emergency'?

It's just an address, M. I blame the US postal service. What other 'perspective' could there possibly be?

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