Friday, August 23, 2013

Too esoteric...

Just in case someone with an interest in both sides of the issue visits, here’s a Manning-related story with a pro-transgender slant...

If I were an intelligence analyst working for Zionists or oligarchs studying this then I would take note of how "the base" in the Right/Left paradigm can be provoked.  (Like the two pillars or the "Twin Towers" the Right = masculine and the Left = feminine....  all just theoretical?   Yeah, right.)

Look at it this way, the corporate media is probably going to continue to be full of "Russians are anti-gay" stories for as long as the people that own it can't find WMDs in Assad's underpants and so forth.  (No word yet on how "anti-gay" the Saudis are or how anti-gay the "Syrian" rebels are, etc.)  Yet most Americans will believe that it's really about gays or perhaps that gays are worse off in Russia than they are in Saudi Arabia and so forth. 

At only a slightly more sophisticated level, perhaps "the base" that actually takes "think progress" seriously could look at things this way.... given the violation of Pussy Riot's civil rights in Russia we probably need to send Hillary over there to tell them that America won't say anything more about Snowden if they give Hillary Pussy Riot.  That way she could bring those girls home to a place where Leftist pussies can riot.  (At least as long as they don't change the bankster's power structure in any significant way.)

Anyway... are our neocons/neoliberals/neofascists at war with Syria yet or what?  Because supposedly that's a war that's in our interests as Americans due to the magical properties of chemical weapons.  Quick, someone check their underpants for those.  Because if you kill people with normal weapons or get an ambassador killed trying to arm rebels there or even have plans to stage a false flag chemical weapon attack in Syria... well, that's probably all fine with the American people.  But use chemical weapons and we'll be searching our own underpants for them and declaring war on you and perhaps ourselves in no time. 

It's like the PNAC Zionists said about their use of WMD memes to create a war with Iraq.  Apparently it's a matter of "rhetorical themes" spread among the crackheads in the corporate media even if the intelligence community itself won't play along.  So they'll just keep repeating it even when it's apparently already been documented that the rebels themselves have chemical weapons, etc.  People could invent different memes than the WMD stuff.  Why not:  "We need to go in there to save Christians from the rebels!  And there are a few Palestinian Christians that we need to save from white phosphorous while we're at it."

Not happening, huh?       

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