Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Metabunk and Atomism

Symbolism, symbolism... sometimes I wonder if even the "atomic" thinkers in the bunker here are more subject to symbolism than they know.

Is the symbol for the atom upon which the Adam/earthling rests really "just" a symbol or the symbol itself reality?  Maybe it's actually emblematic of the fundamental reality of consciousness... and that's why the matrix that's been built based on it resonates with the music of the spheres and so forth?

Even the symbol chosen to represent the "atom" looks like the Star of David and the symbolism used in the occult, from some perspectives. But... another day, another ramble.  All anyone in the bunker cares about is if it's testable or if the military industrial complex can use the knowledge encrypted in a symbol or theory to develop techniques and technologies to make things go boom.

Consider that this is partly why the Creator of symbolism and science itself can't let us have more nice things.  All technology is dual use, so better sources of energy = bigger weapons, whether that's nuclear power or nuclear weapons or "free energy."

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