Monday, August 26, 2013

Be interesting to see if this breaks in a few days.

From the Conspiracy Archives on Facebook:
Rolling Stones' associated editor, Michael Hastings was going to publish an exposé on an exceptionally frightening extent, just how serious and deeply the CIA, FEMA and other of institutions were involved in a highly classified program also involving DHS, local police departments and suspending the Constitution.

Operation End game. Which is a program that involves inter-connecting faction within DHS and local police departments where they train to round up gun owners, conservatives and libertarians and people that are seen as polotical dissidents.

Because of the very nature of the secrecy of Operation End Game, there aren’t any primary documents to link to, but various publications, insiders and institutions were able to glean more information to Hastings and Brown. They train for this using real life scenarios such as rounding up illegal aliens as a 'cover' grid for their training for Operation End Game.

Hastings' was setting everything up to successfully break a story about CIA director Brennan, DHS, local police, as well as a program dubbed Operation End Game.

His co-investigator was Barret Brown. Hastings was speaking with lawyers from Wikileaks ready to send them valuable information on Operation End Game.

The last thing Hastings was researching was Operation End Game, which is TIED into Rex 84. Hastings was going to uncover how Operation End Game uses federal task forces that they setup working with local police departments. This is what Rex 84 called for in 1986.

The document, titled ‘Rex 84′, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, detailed a response scenario where the constitution would be suspended, martial law would be declared, military commanders placed in charge of State and local governance.

Operation End Game is a program that ties together different factions of DHS. They use rounding up illegals as the cover.

Rex 84 was exposed to the public via a congressional testimony. The program was declassified in 1986. A subsequent congressional investigation confirmed the information.

This is in the public army manuals, look up reeducation camp army manual and you wil be at an '' domain.

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