Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gender bending and civilization

  1. Except that, as noted, He doesn’t create all of them either male or female. It’s one of the obvious ways in which the Bible is clearly not inerrant.

    It’s possible that what God left a record of as being His doing, is His doing… and the rest is something else that’s being allowed to go on within the multiverse.

    For instance, it’s already known that a lack of human sanitation and civilization is associated with gender bending in lower organisms.

    During a five-year study, Matthiessen and his colleagues conducted a series of annual surveys of fish along the British coast to gauge trends in levels of feminization. The study was spurred by previous observations of feminization in estuarine fish, particularly the flounder, a common flatfish, Matthiessen said.
    “We’ve known for some time that this fish has become feminized in estuaries where lots of people live and lots of sewage is going into the water.”
    Matthiessen said that the fish’s changes were a reaction to estrogens present in human waste. Such estrogens derive largely from birth control pills and hormone-therapy drugs.
    “What’s really interesting is that in the Tyne [River] estuary in northeast England a really strong recovery kicked in,” Matthiessen said, noting the phenomenon coincided with the upgrading of a major sewage treatment works. “Until then, most of the fish were very strongly feminized. For example, yolk was present in male blood plasma, which is highly abnormal. Then [after the sewage plant upgrade] there was this sudden drop in yolk protein concentrations which was sustained in subsequent years.”
    Matthiessen says modern sewage treatments, which are better at stripping out hormones, can help to tackle the problem of estrogen pollution.
    Animals’ Sexual Changes Linked to Waste, Chemicals
    What do you suppose that the American Empire in which people are beginning to idolize hermaphroditic ideals and being “gay” is running on? What gives people a sense that they can afford to be gay and have their first gay president with even more hopium and so forth?
    It’s not solar powered ponies pooping rainbows of tolerance on everyone. It’s drones and pipelines and fossil fuels. Fuels laid down by great cataclysmic events in the past that apparently wiped the global and “ruling”/measuring empire of Atlantis off the map and left nothing but their monuments to ignorance.

    Fuel, i.e. the petrochemicals upon which the pharmaceutical industry is generally based. So perhaps we can come full circle, to denominate the cost of a sex change operations in Obamacare or in “Yale’s Health Plan coverage for sex reassignment ” in terms of petrodollars. (Not to mention the cost of Yale’s sex day or whatever it was.)

    Male to female: about $7,000 to $24,000 petrodollars
    Female to male: often over $50,000

    Obama’s hopium and the idea that the American Empire is running on solar powered ponies pooping rainbows of tolerance on everyone: Priceless

    Where will people find enough poor or “red state” soldiers to sacrifice to infuse enough value in petrodollars to pay for all this decadence and degeneracy…. if recruiters aren’t allowed on campus? Or is it that they are allowed on campus now, now that the Empire is going gay and so forth? I wonder how long people are going to keep thinking of themselves as nice or gay people with their little ponies and so forth, instead of as brutal tyrants and fascists.

    Meanwhile, back in reality… a civilization that is not structured based on an awareness of Nature and Nature’s God, is not sustainable without increasing amounts of brutality leading ultimately to its extinction. So it’s likely that many Americans will be able to go to their graves happy and gay and thinking of themselves as modern and tolerant due to all that it seems like they can afford due to fossils fueling their civilization. But that which can’t go on as far as rebellion against Nature and Nature’s God goes…. won’t.

    The banksters/owners of our civilization and our economic language probably already know this, that may be why many are moving their wealth off shore and so forth. But it’s the timing of a realignment or correction to that which cannot go on as far as rebellion against God and Nature that might be worth a fortune.

    Do you honestly think that the “happy and gay” aspect of these trends where people define themselves and morality by their own feelings and base desires while generally rejecting the advice of the Founders (To the extent that they even know of them.) are going to last?
    The trend of the internet as far as decentralization goes is interesting, that’s one thing that may eventually lead people to conclude that it’s not such a good idea to incorporate an artifact of the eugenics movement and racism (State sanctioned marriages) in their rebellion against the singular nature of marriage and God after “911.” United, States… is an interesting concept… isn’t it? Union and separation? Seems a bit mysterious and paradoxical.

  2. Going back over this for a second….
    Male to female: about $7,000 to $24,000 petrodollars
    Female to male: often over $50,000
    Gay to straight: We don’t know. Because there have been multimillion petrodollar campaigns to stifle all research, even when it’s already known that some petrochemical pills and so forth have been known to change sexual orientations.

    In any event, it would seem to be simpler to change your sexual orientation than to change your sex. Similarly, it would seem to be simpler to change the brains that cause you to think that you need to change your sex… than to change your sex.

    Either way, that which can’t go on… won’t. The Empire will either need to become even more brutal and fascist than it already is in order to give people the sense that what has been going on these days can be sustained. Or there will have to be a realignment and a decentralization back toward self-evident truths and away from the rebellion against Nature’s God typical to collapsing Empires.

    After all, if rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God then rebellion against God is obedience to tyrants.

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