Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ramble, on Oligarchy

This generally seems to be due to the way that our oligarchs and the military industrial complex have learned to launder the global bankster's paper ponzi through our so-called "democracy" in our "republic" and so forth.  If the growing American oligarchy (being built up by bankers and politicians creating fiscal cliffs and chasms and abysses of money/debt out of nothing with little to no accountability) is supposedly democratic or the essence of democracy, then one could be forgiven for asking why people around the world are supposed to want "democracy" and the establishment of a central bank and so forth in their nations too.  Like the president of Iceland said, this isn't really democracy.  It's more like an oligarchy, if anything.  And that will probably be fine for most people, at least until all the wealth and fossil fuels used to produce American Idol aren't "trickling down" onto their TV or their petrodollars and 401Ks and so forth become a bit unstable again, as in 2008.   Because that's usually when things aren't all happy and gay anymore, given that a banker may have to decide to take everyone's free little ponies away...   for one reason or another.

With no plan, no planning, no leadership, no vision and no capacity to deal with global banksters and multinational corporations creating "your" American money/debt out of nothing and so forth... everything will continue to be fine, until it isn't.  2008 was probably just a preview, given that Obama didn't actually change anything.  No leadership.

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