Monday, February 04, 2013

Bill Stevens Gun Violence Prevention Working Group Public Hearing

Funny how you never seem to see this type of man and father in the "mainstream," i.e. the military industrial media.

After all, the military industrial media is probably too busy with marketing the theatrical production of ridiculous "actions movies," football or perhaps even wars on the one hand (Fox News, etc.) or entertaining the metrosexual and "sex in the city" vote on the other (MSNBC, etc.).

Is it all entertainment... or reality?   One big reality show?

I leave the viewer to entertain themselves with the feeling that they are aware of reality or informed of it by mainstream media.

Yet... I leave the reader to judge when they are being entertained or if they want to be.

You have to bump up the information content to be aware of the distinction in the first place. Not to the point of the language of mathematics or symbolic hieroglyphics in a matrix of information per se... oh well, as far as most Right/"red state" and Left/"blue state" Americans in "the base" of each political party go it matters little.

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