Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saving a few thoughts, trying to seek the truth... supposedly it will set you free.

  1. Here’s Carl Cameron’s report: Israel spies on the USA

    Now check Fox News to see if that “official report” in the controlled/corporate media is still there.

    Anyway… notice how all those Israeli spies weren’t detained indefinitely without trial or water boarded, let alone assassinated without trial for possible links to terrorism… etc.

    After all, that’s reserved for 16 year old Muslim kids now.
  2. Allowing Israel to explain away the Liberty emboldened….

    That’s the problem. The longer people let it go on or turn a symbolic blind eye to it the more likely it is that the same or similar "intelligent" false flag techniques will be used again, again and again.

    I could be wrong.

  3. Note: “….information was used to completely compromise the FBI, the Secret Service, the DEA and the LAPD.”

    As if that’s difficult.

    But the key to most of it is control over the ability to create and direct money/debt and the reserve currency of almost every nation in the world…. from nothing. Note the nations that don’t yet have economies under control… because they’re probably going to be on the list that Wesley Clark* was talking about years ago.

    It’s not about human rights. If it was, then the Saudis would have made the list.
  4. Comment in the decentralized media:

    We have no control of our country now, it’s way out of control, making ourselves the most hated enemy in the world. The people in charge of big positions have Israeli/American citizenship, that says a lot right there. They have their own agenda for Israel, the country they really care about.
    Pay attention to those who partnered with neocons/globalists to write the NDAA, Chertoff with the Patriot Act, those involved in attempts to disarm the American people while establishing a police $tate run by prominent banksters, etc. Civil rights? Can Chertoff be assassinated without trial or water boarded for information about how he profited from Rapiscan?

    Carl Levin/NDAA = dual citizen
    Chertoff/Patriot Act = dual citizen
    Lieberman/PIPA = dual citizen
    Feinstein/gun control = dual citizen

    Etc… it seems that many violations of civil rights that have to be stopped by decentralized or grassroots movements in America are sponsored by dual citizens that usually don’t seem to care about the Constitution and the civil rights of Americans.

    Then there’s just the average corrupt politicians one layer down like Giuliani. If no one has civil rights anymore then maybe he should be water boarded too, to figure out how he knew that a steel frame building like WTC 7 would collapse at free fall speeds into its own foot print from office fires.  Especially given that such a miraculous event would have been without precedent in the history of the entire world.
    The military industrial media isn’t reporting on it but there is a lawsuit against the BBC in Britain and various movements against the mainstream media afoot. Interesting times, to say the least… so, water board Giuliani!!! Just kidding.

    Meanwhile, it’s Sesame Street time in Honey Boo Boo America for Red team and Blue team… one of these things is not like the other, one of them just isn’t the same.

    All people really need to do is abide by the Constitution, stop trying to build a global empire (or balance out some other supposed super power like McCain) and begin to focus on ruling themselves at a local and individual level. But apparently they won’t… so we’re left with all these corrupt politicians and global corporations trying to build a global financial empire in the name of “global leadership” or according to the latest marketing for the Navy, by being a “global force for good.”

    But if people are interested in being a global force for good then why isn’t Team America, World Police sent in to attack the Saudis to prevent the slave trade in Dubai, etc? For that matter, why weren’t they sent into Libya to protect black people from being killed… etc.?

    After all, according to the marketing for mainstream lemmings they’re supposed to be a "global force for good" and not a global force for multinational corporations owned and financed by banksters.

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