Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spying (Inc.)... it's not just for the government.

Note: Initially you need a physical access to the phone you wish to spy on in order to install the mSpy app onto it.
1. What is mSpy? mSpy is a mobile application that empowers you with advanced monitoring and data collection features for smartphones and other mobile devices. mSpy will discretely log and record all SMS messages, phone calls, calendar events and notes, allowing you to access the data even after it has been deleted from the phone. mSpy also provides real-time GPS tracking of the device's location with live route data displayed on a map. ...
4. What differentiates mSpy from other similar apps? Accessibility: Access phone activity and data 24/7 from anywhere with the web-based Control Panel. Value: mSpy gives you great value for your money. A small monthly fee delivers priceless peace of mind. Power: mSpy is the most fully featured mobile monitoring application, designed to meet your needs. Simplicity: mSpy's industry leading, advanced features are also incredibly easy to use, providing the ideal solution. Link
Side note, the government usually doesn't need physical access to the phone.

I'm going to link the GPS spying system to a drone to have some corrupt politicians followed around.  It'll be to see what these "top secret" members in all seeing eye $ecret $ocieties do when the eye begins following them around and looking down on them.  (Ironically, many are merely entertaining themselves with the idea of being members of the ruling class (inc.) anyway...)

In any event, just kidding...  sort of.

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