Friday, February 22, 2013

The Architect

Interview with George Church in Der Spiegel.
"Yes, biology is complicated, but it's actually simpler than most other technologies we are dealing with. The reason is that we have received a great gift that biology has given to us. We can just take a little bit of DNA and stick it into a human stem cell, and all the rest of it is self-assembled. It just happens. It's as if a master engineer parked a spacecraft in our back yard with not so many manuals, but lots of goodies in it that are kind of self-explanatory. You pick up something and you pretty much know what it does after a little study."
Complicated in design, yet simple to use. A hallmark of great design.
Just like a master engineer from outer space…lol!  Telic Thoughts

Opinions vary.  Everyone always has different ideas about things... yet if you never invent something yourself and aren't even aware of the creative process in the first place, well.

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