Tuesday, February 05, 2013

After America Collapses, What Comes Next?

This also depends on what you expect to have happen in your lifetime. Personally I think this may be a bit of a Jonah situation in which all these fishy prophets emerge preaching doom and gloom based on current trends, yet it doesn't happen in their lifespans. Mainly because they can't fit themselves into what seems like a certain if/then equation or trajectory of events. But I could be wrong. I know why they're saying what they're saying, as the economic writing is on the wall and so on. While on the other hand... if they never say it, well. It's all quite paradoxical, probably thanks to the Creator deciding to create in His own image. I guess one could put it this way, if there isn't more of a spiritual awakening soon and better leadership all the way around then some of what this guy is talking about may happen within my life time. If/then, again... prophecies and estimates about "making a killing" in the marketing of lemmings always vary.

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