Saturday, December 17, 2005

Nice review...

From the Look Machine, a good review of King Kong, it's a nice review yet the criticism is truly nice. I agree they could have saved ten or fifteen minutes with the whole deckhand mentor moments. The orcs were a little more tribal this time but on the other hand Jackson is a skilled director and most scenes are edited together in seamless ways, including the CG that was fairly seamless too. So the over all effect is a good movie that may show the way things are going in the future with CG and a director's skilled use of it.

I wonder if they could begin development of a Tom Cruise CG model. They could program a few simple rules to be processed by the system and it would probably have the same emergent properties in the end. In the future I expect to hear more about emergent properties as computer simulations get at knowledge that cannot be seen by induction or deduction.

But I shall not meander into such topics...Narnia was good too if you haven't seen it.

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