Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The sky is, there's a hole in it. No, wait, it's warming.

I wish Greens and others on the Left would apply basic logic as well as the moral reasoning or focus on righteousness typical to the Right. It seems they cannot really have a balanced view in general because they believe in the same sort of split that separates scientists/"facts" and postmodernists/"values". So when the leftist mind speaks it often talks of subjective feelings instead of facts, then if I answer it I am left with emphasizing facts and logic against the sinister tendencies of the Left. From there it's a short journey to being accused of being heartless and so on. This makes me sad, as I have my feelings about things. So sometimes I cry a lil' tear about it. Then I have to wipe the lil' tear away and emphasize facts, logic and evidence again. It's quite a fight to fight through the turbulent emotions of it all. Yes, indeed.

Maybe one of these days I'll come across a Benthamite or someone on the Left or Right who emphasizes the ratios of the rational all the time and so I'll have to emphasize the importance of feeling intuitive truths and so on. There is only a minority of cold toads who really believe they can know all knowledge through dissection and "scientific fact" though, instead most of them just engage in some form of the fact/value split as well. But anyway, instead of the empirical facts and logic (science?!) vs. the Greens I think I shall write of some metaphoric cold toads and warm frogs.

Once upon a time there were two little frogs who sat in a puddle. It was a warm puddle because it came from a hot spring. One little frog said to the other, "This warm puddle makes me feel good." and the other agreed. Occasionally a cold toad happened by and looked at the two little frogs in their puddle. The toads looked at them with their beady eyes and pounded the moss with their little arm. One toad said, "You will die if you stay in there. We toads know that the puddle is getting warmer. We think it's from you peeing in it. We are each other's toadies so we've taken a peer at the situation and reviewed it well by peering at each other. So now we render our peer reviewed verdict up thee with all the power of our toadiness!" At this the little frogs felt a fright, one turned to the other and said, "Does it feel warmer in here to you?" and the other said, "No." "Maybe we should stop peeing." So they did.

Then one said, "It feels fine in here. I feel it is so, so it must be so. And now I also feel I have to pee, so I will." The other frog did not like this so much. He also felt that the cold toads were wrong, yet he also thought they might be right about something he could not quite feel. So he hopped on out of the hot spring although it certainly felt bitterly cold to do so.

The frog that stayed was eventually boiled alive in the proverbial way that some frogs are.* The cold toads hopped about angrily rendering their verdicts upon the frogs, the puddle, the pee and each other. But the little frog followed the stream from the spring among the cool waters that now felt quite fine...and went on to see the rest of the world.

*Note, it's an empirical fact that if a frog is placed in water that is gradually heated it "...eventually become more and more active in attempts to escape the heated water." (If the warnings on hot tubs are any measure this goes to show that frogs have more sense than people do.)

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