Saturday, December 17, 2005

I think it is good.

There has been a move lately to fight back against the anti-Christmas types. Like any move there will be those who support it, those who feel the need to murmur "Why can't we all just get along.", those who delight in pointing out the faults of its supporters, supporters who have their problems and make that easy to do, moderates who are too stupid or ignorant to make up their minds yet like to pretend that the muddled middle is some high ideal from which they look down on both sides, and so on and on.

I still think it is good as small victories against the fascist ACLU types trickle in:
Just in: Residents of homes for the elderly subsidized by the federal Dept. of Housing and Urban Development are the latest beneficiaries of the movement to allow freedom of religion for those wishing to recognize Christmas. Officials had told Winter Haven, FL folks that religious groups could not serenade them with Christmas carols. They had told Mechanicsburg, PA seniors not to have religious decorations in the lobbies or on the doors of their own rooms...
(World Blog)

The war of the Left:
We want to sweep away everything that claims to be supernatural or superhuman, for the root of all untruth and lying is the pretension of the human and the natural to be superhuman and supernatural. For that reason we have once and for all declared war on religion and religious ideas . . .
(Marx and Engels, Collected Works, Vol. 6, :103)

The ACLU was founded by Leftists, they are generally fighting to do what they were founded to do.

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