Sunday, December 04, 2005

From the right side of history...

Led by Major Gen. John F. O'Ryan as grand marshal, about 100,000 Jews and many Christian sympathizers marched in a parade yesterday from Madison Square to the Battery in protest against the treatment of Jews in Germany.
The civilized world is 'amazed' as well as concerned 'by the policies of intolerance inaugurated by the Hitler government against the Jewish people,' General O'Ryan said. He denounced the Hitler policies as being in violation of the principles of Christianity and civilization and called upon all Christians everywhere to express their protest against the acts and utterances of those in charge of the present German Government. Hitler's violations ofthe rights of Jews are 'a challenge to civilization,' General O'Ryan declared--'a challenge to Christianity and its basic teaching,' a 'challenge to the American spirit of fair play.'
'It is for these reasons that Americans who are Christians justify their protests against the conduct of the Hitler government,'[...]

(100,000 March Here in 6-Hour Protest Over Nazi Policies
The New York Times; May 11, 1933; pg. 1)

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